"Are you a Bike Nut?"

If you are... CCR is the place for you. At CCR, we'll treat your bike as if it's our own.
We guarantee our paint work for as long as you own your bike. We have many satisfied customers who have had their bikes painted well over 15 years ago...the paint jobs are holding up great.

We do paint jobs for customers whose bikes are keepers.
We do paint jobs for the long haul.
We do not do "cheap" paint jobs.

Our work has appeared on the covers of Easy Riders, Motorcyclist Magazine, Big Twin Magazine, HotXL Magazine, Biker Magazine and also featured in Sport Rider Magazine, SuperCycle, American Iron and Cycle News.

About CCR

I started painting (cars) when I was 15 years old. After working in the automotive industry for nearly 10 years I purchased my first motorcycle. Shortly thereafter I painted it and where ever I rode it, people took an interest in it. I started painting bikes "on the side"...and one day I came home from my "regular" job, opened up my garage door and saw that I had about 15 bikes to paint. I had about a 4 month backlog of work on top of those 15 jobs so I decided to take the plunge and I started CCR in 1988. Since 1988 I have literally painted thousands of motorcycles and have done repairs on thousands more. I've got a solid reputation for doing quality work on high end Italian bikes. I am the painter for many Italian bike shops across the country..(but I can't say who....LOL).

Route 66 on my old VFR
(click to see it big...after all, it is really cool)
I've also been doing custom sheet metal fabrication on Harley's and composite (HD-clone) bikes for many shops here in the North East. I've painted Harley's out of my garage at my house (before I got my own shop) that have made the cover of Easy Riders...and as you'll see in the photo's published here.
I am currently the painter of choice for several dealerships here in the North East. I've been taking brand new bikes off of dealer showroom floors and completing custom paint work on them for years. The dealer then sells these bikes and I guarantee the paint work for as long as the customer owns the bikes.

I do not care what kind of motorcycle you ride, I paint all brands of bikes. The only thing that is important to me is that you are satisfied with your paint work.

Please feel free to stop by our shop - click here for directions
We always have a few interesting projects being worked on. If you're our riding around and just want to stop in and browse....that's fine too. We would appreciate "just looking" visits be kept to Saturdays so as not to disrupt our sometimes hectic work schedule during the week.

Thank You,

Classic Work

My old Ducati turned heads and kicked butt...

The Old 1991 900SS

The first paying paint job!!!

1988 CBR 600

The second paying paint job!!!

1988 FZR 1000

The first bike I ever painted!

1988 FZR 400