1. Condition of parts.
2. Type of paint desired. Paints are generally grouped into two categories.  Candy's and "all others".
3. Complexity of paint work (masking time involved).
4. How many times the customer changes his / her mind. Improper planning costs money. 

Think ahead, plan wisely.  Some customers do not have all the funds needed to get all their desired paint work done at one stop.  No problem.  If this is the case please by all means let us know in advance.  We have no problem doing paint work in stages.  Let us know up front and we can actually save you money with proper planning.
  • It depends on a lot of things...some controllable, some not. 
  • Call me.  If you want / need your bike completed by a specific time let me know. If your Harley tank is dented...or your Sport bike fairing is scratched, I will likely ask you to drop it off on a Monday and I'll make every attempt to have it to you by the following weekend. 
  • If you are interested in having a composite built....the least amount of time it would take would be about 7 months. This is based on past experience.  Rigids would take a bit less time.
  • Sometimes things happen which are beyond my control such as parts being on back order.....wrong or damaged parts being shipped to CCR (yes, this happens on a regular basis)...
  • Jobs that come in are grouped into a few main categories:
    1. "In and out jobs"...minor dings and scrapes that can be repaired in between other larger jobs...these jobs are usually dropped off on Monday and picked up the following Saturday.  More then likely these jobs require no deposit.
    2. Jobs that are given a written estimate and scheduled...and more importantly where the customer has given a 50% deposit.  These jobs take top priority...because I'm working off of your money.
    3. Then there are jobs that are brought in...and the customer for one reason or another has not left a deposit.  These jobs tend to grow roots.  I work on these jobs when there is essentially no other work around.  These are "fill in" jobs.  These jobs are being done on MY DIME....and on MY TIME.
  • I have had many customers who's bikes I've painted over ten or fifteen years ago.  These customers take care of their bikes very well.
  • I use the best materials that money can buy.
  • I have a proven system that has resulted in a very small percentage of paint failure cases....less than .3%  Under normal usage your paint job will last years and years...
  • If there is a problem with your paint, please notify me as soon as possible.  Some things are "covered" and some are not.  If a stone is kicked up and wallops the front of your tank resulting in a chip.... that would not be covered.  If your paint is mysteriously dulling out....or peeling.... call me.  I'll investigate it and make a determination as to the cause...and then we'll take it from there.
  • I have also had a few customers who have destroyed their paint work in a matter of months.  Fortunately these people number only a few.
  • Soap and water are your friends.  The cleaner you keep your bike, the longer your paint job will last.  Do not wipe dry dust off of your paint job, you are in effect "sanding" it.  If you come off of a long ride and you have a layer of road grit and an oily film on your painted surfaces..... rinse the bike off with water before you do anything.  Then grab a bucket...and some mild car soap and use a soft sponge or 100% cotton cloth and gently wash off the remaining grit after you have rinsed it.
  • We do not guarantee any tank seal jobs. The manufacturers of the various sealers available to me will not guarantee me 100% success rate therefore it is impossible for me to guarantee 100% success rate to you. It's that simple.
  • One "problem" area has been after-market fuel tanks......and also very old fuel tanks....specifically old Harley tanks.If your gas cap leaks... and has caused damage to your existing paint....please remember to change the friggin gasket under your cap....    If you have me re-paint your tank that previously had gas damage on it.... and you do not change the gasket / cap..... well... WTF?  What do you think is gonna happen (again)?Think "cause and effect" here.....    Cause = fuel leak.  Effect = gas damage.  If you don't fix the ailment (gas leak)...you'll still suffer the symptoms (gas damage).If you buy shitty after-market fuel tanks made by some pin head who rides a mammal to work in some turd world hell hole....don't be surprised if QC ain't all it's cracked up to be.  The welds are porous, the tank will likely come wrapped in clear plastic and lathered in slime.   More than likely the insides will come "pre-rusted".   More often than not.... someone will have to bondo the outside from front to back because of the lack of workmanship.  If you buy a tank or a fender with more waves in it than a Tony Hawk skate park....if you think you "saved money" by buying this POS...think again, you'll be paying someone $75.00 an hour to get it up to the point of being straight enough to put paint on it.  I can't wave a magic wand and transform your piece of shit into something worthwhile. I can however.....lighten your wallet and give you a shiny piece of shit in return.  It might even leak.  Do us both a favor, buy quality parts.
  • All clips, fasteners, hardware, rubber grommets, marker lights, tail lights and trim pieces must be removed from the pieces before you ship them to CCR.
  • We are not a parts store and can not be held responsible for those parts that have NO NEED for PAINT.
  • Remove all the pieces and keep them at your location please.
  • If I need ancillary parts or pieces to complete the job I will ask for them.
Maybe, maybe not.
  • I personally have never seen it as my job to put my ideas onto your bike. I am of the opinion that it is my job to take your ideas and transpose them onto your bike.
  • My favorite kind of customer is one who has a clear concise idea of what he / she is looking for in a paint job.  We can then both work off of your ideas, perhaps make some changes to make them more original and to personalize your bike in a way that makes it unique.
  • If you do not know what you want on your bike...how am I supposed to paint your bike? I do not take in jobs where customers say "paint what ever you want...."  or   "Go crazy...I'm giving you free reign".  Despite what you may think you are not doing me any favors by "giving me the freedom" to do what I want.  I'm not a gamblin' man.  I don't want to  take $5000.00 from you and give you a nice tribal flame job over a candy base.....only to have you not like it.
  • If you have no clear idea of what you want I'll politely turn you around and tell you to hit a magazine rack and pick out a few bikes that catch your eye.  From that point...we can progress and narrow your options down and come up with a design that is not a rip off of someone else's work...and that strikes your fancy.  We have a wide selection of pictures of jobs previously completed as well as other interesting material to view at our shop that might be of use to you as a guide towards finding the "look" you are after

Various Jobs

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